Rycobel: COVID-19 measures

The Covid-19 virus affects us all, but of course both your and our health are paramount. We hope that you and your environment are doing well! The measures imposed by the authorities also have an impact on the activities at Rycobel.

We remain available, but from a distance!

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Taking these recommendations from the authorities into account, we have organized ourselves to the best of our ability to maintain all of our services. We try to do as much work from home as possible in order to minimize physical contact with customers and colleagues. So you can still count on our well-known service, but we hope for understanding if this brings some delay in these difficult times.

You can still reach us in different ways:

  • By phone on +32 56 78 21 70
  • Via mail at info@rycobel.com
  • A Skype (or other) connection can also be set up
  • Via the contact form below
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